Membrane Targets

Choosing the best targets pre-supposes:

  • knowledge of target expression by key cells in diseases

  • knowledge of how to engineer the optimal antibody


Calcitonin receptor is expressed by many immature cell types including precursors of white blood cells and other cells of the bone marrow niche as well as nerve networks in brain and malignant cells in deadly brain tumours. Recently it has been associated with cell death (apoptosis).


Calcitonin receptor-like receptor is expressed by neurons that control the tone of blood vessels and the lining of blood vessels, and is a target for the control of migraine. CLR is also expressed by pain neurons in osteoarthritis.


Heme transporter or feline leukaemia virus C receptor (FLVCR2) is expressed by several cell types under conditions restricted oxygen supply including pericytes that aid in the formation of new blood vessels in foetal brain and during recovery after stroke, and in vessels of brain tumours.


Neuropeptide Y1 receptor is expressed in diseases of the cardio- vascular system.


Glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor is an important target associated with type II diabetes

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