Welcome Receptor Antibodies

Welcome Receptor Antibodies (WRA) Pty Ltd develops unique antibodies directed against specific membrane targets. These membrane proteins (targets) perform vital functions linking extracellular events to programmed intracellular responses via sophisticated signalling systems that activate cell functions.

Antibodies against specific regions of these targets have been engineered to bind tightly both in vitro, for analysis of expression, and in vivo, for tagging or labelling of live cells.

With identification of a target in diseased tissues, unique antibodies developed by WRA can be used to alter the behaviour of key cells and the progress of disease. WRA has filed patents in the fields of cardiovascular disease, wound healing, leukaemia, brain tumours and apoptosis.

Restricting the activity of the key cells that promote disease while maintaining an active lifestyle is one aspirations of modern medicine.

Welcome Receptor Antibodies Pty Ltd

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